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2019 Social and Special Events Launched

(24 Jan 2019)

Special Sailing Events

Here’s the schedule;

Dalkey Island BBQ – Non-Sailing Friends and Family Welcome

This year we want to open up the event so that you can share the joys of being on the water and the social aspect of the unique event with friends and family. We’re exploring exact options to get everyone there, but members can bring people with them on the sailing boat and we’ll be running some of the Passenger RIBs from Dun Laoghaire for the less adventurous/young children. Stay tuned!

Annual Christmas Dinner & More

New formats are being explored for 2019, in addition to a few other options to gather away from the water. Don’t forget we’ll be having a small informal gathering each evening in the Purty Kitchen after the members feedback meetings on Saturday 16th February, Saturday 18th May, Saturday 20th July and Saturday 5th October.

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