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Joining the Club and Get Sailing

Our ethos is 'pay small, play big,enjoy sailing' so the Irish National Sailing Club's annual membership fee is €30. Your membership gives you access to Irish National Sailing Club events, both off and on the water, day trips, regattas, and nights out to name but a few,  and finally, a say in the clubs direction and how you would like to enjoy your sailing.


Never Sailed Before?


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to glide along under sail, now is your time to find out. We will assist you in signing up, for a two day beginners course with our sister organisation, the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School. All you need do, is turn up on the day and they will provide the boat and training at a low cost. Be it a one man dinghy, keelboat, or a yacht. All clothing is provided for courses and for club sailing. Their courses can be viewed on www.inss.ie


We'd recommend:


You can then practise and build your new skills with us on our scheduled sailing sessions, as well as other events we run throughout the year.


We charter our equipment from the Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School on a pay as you sail basis. So no large costs for moorings, maintenance or gear. You decide how often you wish to sail.


Let us help you to develop your sailing addiction and show you the freedom and wonderful experiences sailing has to offer. Come dance with the dolphins and seals in Dublin bay and let your stresses melt away, as you slip the moorings and sail out for a new adventure.


Own your own boat?


Come and join the INSC if you are a dinghy sailor or yacht owner or anything in between. We are a group of enthusiastic sailing addicts, who believe in providing the best access to sailing possible. Come and share your sailing passion, with a group of like minded people. You can hone your skills with coaching from professional and world class sailors.


Join the Club & benefit from:

  • Reduced session fees
  • Structured Club sailing sessions
  • Support RIB
  • Advice & coaching
  • Exciting company!


More information here.


Membership Fees...


Annual INSC membership fees are only €30, which covers the small amount of overheads the club has, such as Irish Sailing Association affiliation. We also have a special catagory of membership for those under 25 years of €10 per annum and those living overseas of also €10 per annum. Please see below membership for for further joining details. Once you've joined up, you can avail of the reduced session rates detailed here.


Please note that the INSC does not yet accept junior members, therefore only those aged 18 and over are eligible to join.


Membership Application...


The Irish National Sailing Club is open to everyone! No proposal or seconding required, all you need is to have completed a sailing course and then come along and join in. The Start Sailing Course (Level 1) is sufficent for Yacht/Keelboat sailors, however, Dinghy Sailors will need a level 2 course under their belt.

Download a membership form


Once you've filed out the form, send it on to club@insc.ie and we'll let you know what to do next.

Irish National Sailing Club

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