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New Sailing Opportunities

(24 Jan 2019)

Club Cruiser

Alistair Rumball has been exploring a small cruiser concept for the last 6 months, something in the 26-28ft range, with cabin and small outboard engine. The idea is to serve two purposes, firstly to allow sailors head a bit further away from base, in an independent manner backed up by their own engine and secondly to increase the provision on offer to graduates of the schools cruising courses.


After much discussion, it was finally settled that the school already had the boat required, Gizmo, a 26-footer in long term storage beside the school’s workshop. Alistair will shortly begin an ambitious programme of works to restore her to sailing glory, and then she will be made available to members of the Irish National Sailing Club.


Its envisaged that the boat will be available each day at the weekend from 9am-1pm or 1-5pm. It’ll also be available during the week. Effectively it will operate on a charter basis exclusively to club members. The boat will be able to accommodate 4 adults comfortably, and would be ideal for bringing family, friends or even other club members for a longer sail around Dublin Bay, Dalkey Island and Killiney Bay.


New moorings near to the 1720 moorings are being installed, and Gizmo will be berthed here. Her outboard engine with remote control (throttle in the cockpit area) will allow for you to get on and off the moorings with ease. Furthermore, the outboard engine will deal with situations where the weather changes unexpectedly, either allowing for return to safe haven if becalmed, or getting to shelter if the wind increases.


Club Cruising Week

Many club members now hold sufficient experience and qualifications that it’s time to rekindle the annual INSC tradition of a club cruise, the last of which was held about 15 years ago! Previously, club members took two yachts and cruised for about a week. We don’t have to stick with that duration, however, both Lula Belle and Beaufort Venture are available from Monday 26th August to Friday 6th September (a 12-day window) and they’ve been earmarked to be available to the club.


The benefit of this type of activity is that all club members can participate – as we’ve ample trained skippers who know what to do aboard in terms of navigation and close quarter berthing, and plenty of competent sailors who will have no trouble setting sails or steering underway!


Let me know if you are interested in this and I’ll organise to put all interested parties together prior to sailing some Saturday to move this forward.

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