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New Training Programmes

(24 Jan 2019)

The club and school recently completed a joint review of ancillary training that would be of use to club sailors. The Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School will run the training courses, while the coaching will be run within the club. The alterations to the training programme are summarised below;

New Courses

  • Sailing with Spinnakers – 1720 (2 Saturdays, to run twice yearly) (RYA Cert Course)
  • Introduction to racing course – All boats (3 Saturdays, to run once yearly) (RYA Cert Course)

Dinghy Courses Continue

  • Sailing with Spinnakers – Dinghy (weekend, twice yearly) (RYA Cert Course)
  • Seamanship Skills – Dinghy (weekend, once per year) (RYA Cert Course)
  • Day Sailing – Dinghy (weekend, once per year) (RYA Cert Course)
  • Learn more...

Coaching within Club Sailing

Establish month long coaching programmes on Sunday mornings (quieter ones – April, June). Focus could be Seamanship in April and Boat Handling in June. Exercises for all boats. Unfortunately, an opt-out option would not be available as we usually only have one member of staff on duty on Sunday mornings.

Laser Coaching

Building on the popularity of previous year’s programmes we are exited to introduce a slightly altered format, that should significantly improve learning opportunities. Video de-briefings will start to form a key component of the training, as everyone is at the level where they will begin to benefit from this.

New exercises will be introduced to hone specific skills, and while there will be a direct benefit for those who want to get racing, these core boat handling skills are equally applicable to someone who enjoys mastering a skill or challenge.

Laser coaching sessions will take place on the following Saturdays and will run from 9.30am-5pm.

  • Saturday 11th May
  • Saturday 29th June
  • Saturday 5th October

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