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Race Coaching Programmes

(24 Jan 2019)

Club Race Coaching League – Dinghy

Alistair Rumball has developed a small racing league concept designed to boost sailing skills and cater to all levels of experience on the one race track. The series will run each Saturday in March (except the 23rd) with the first gun at 10am. Two coach RIBs will be maned (and there’s talk of fitting tannoys/megaphones). Alistair will run the committee boat and racing will take place inside the harbour across large courses. The final race will conclude at 12noon, and we’ll all head ashore to the school Coal Harbour Classroom for a few general pointers on improving where we’ll have soup, tea, coffee and hot chocolate to warm up.


The plan is for the racing to be as social as possible. Results will be kept for those interested, however, these will not be our focus. More experienced INSS Junior Sailors from the 11-14 and 15-17 years groups will also be invited to take part (similar to the RS Super Series set up).


The four club lasers and 3 RS quests will be available. The programme will work off the club voucher system.


Squibs can take part too, and 1720 sailors will be invited to learn some race management skills by assisting/driving the safety boats and performing committee boat duties on a voluntary basis. We’ll then all get the usual afternoon sail in.


1720 Racing – Dublin Bay

Enhancing racing skills is not only for the dinghy sailors! Kenneth Rumball is pushing to get crews racing the 1720s in the local DBSC race series, with specific emphasis on the Summer Tuesday night racing (late April to August), DBSC Turkey Shoot (Sunday mornings in October and November) and the DBSC Spring Chicken (Sunday mornings in February and March). Prior to this we would need to undertake some coaching aboard the boats to ensure competency and confidence around the start lines, interacting with other racing boats and using the spinnaker.


This concept builds on two areas of training that are not exclusive to going racing, namely the “Sailing with Spinnakers” programme for 1720s and the “RYA Introduction to Racing Course”. Following this, we would need to undertake a few sessions with the specific crew prior to the league. I envisage running a spinnaker course in April/May followed by the introduction to racing course in late May or early June (these will be full Saturdays).


Prior to the series, we will run three days with each crew at the times of the league as training and team building. Prior to committing resources, I’d need to have some fairly solid expressions of interest, so please do email back to help us plan exact details.

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