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Seminars, Skills and Drills

Saturday 15th June

We've organised a coaching day with a very small amount of shoreside teaching and lots of on the water coaching. Short lessons focussing on a specific skill will be delivered by different members of the instructing team and are designed to be springboards for further coaching throughout July and August.


Starting at 10am we'll all meet in the club room for a 10 minute presentation entitled "Getting the Maximum Speed from your Boat". This short presentation will focus on boat speed techniques, that are as applicable on the race course as they are cruising. Basically, it will be an in-depth review of the 5 essentials (remember them!). We'll then head onto the water, where the group will focus on putting these skills into practise around an old-fashioned triangular course. The safety boats will be buzzing from boat to boat offering training on each aspect.


Once everyone's up to speed, we'll then move onto some practise starts and other racing techniques - and of course do a few short races!


Back in at lunch time, the finger food will make an earlier than usual appearance! There'll be a short lunchtime seminar on seamanship skills; coming alongside, reefing afloat, Man Over-Board Recovery, mooring, anchoring and more.


The afternoon will be spent working on these techniques afloat, with boats moving between stations set up by the team of instructors. The instructors will also be hopping on and off the 1720s to work on Spinnaker skills during the afternoon.


Once back ashore, the Purty Kitchen is strongly recommended as a location to unwind!


Members are welcome to join in for the whole day, or indeed for the morning or afternoon. Sunday sailing will be going ahead as normal from 10.15am-1.15pm.

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