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Sailor's Information

We are delighted to put together some of the handy bits of information that all sailors heading out from Dun Laoghaire should know before setting off.


Weather Forecast

There's no substitute for the Met Eireann Sea Area Forecast. Updated every 6 hours mariners can find all of the latest information about what to expect during their sail. The link to the Met Eireann Sea Area Forecast is here.


Current Weather

Dun Laoghaire sailors are fortunate to have excellent feeds from current weather data.

  • The current weather in the harbour can be found here.
  • The Dublin Bay Buoy tweets regular updates from the shipping lane with full information on the wind speed, direction and wave height. More info...



The Irish Sailing Association website, sailing.ie, has a full listing of tides for Dublin Bay available on their website. The direct link is here.


Dun Laoghaire Harbour Notice to Mariners

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Master posts the Notices to Mariners on their website dlharbour.ie. All sailors are advised to check these before venturing onto the busy waters of the harbour. They can be viewed here.

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