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About Us

The Irish National Sailing Club was formed in 2015. Our ethos is to spread the passion, beauty and wonder we have found in water sports. Our members take part in paddle boarding, sea kayaking and powerboating, also sailing in dinghies, J80s sports boats and yachts.


We have members who have qualified as yacht masters, instructors, raced in Dublin bay and offshore. Some have sailed in many areas of the world and even across the Atlantic. Over our few short years in existence we have exploded the myth of the elitism connected to the sailing experience. Giving people access to the world of sailing and water sports using a pay as you go model and connected to a modest annual club membership fee, providing access at a low cost and at the club member's own pace and to suit all budgets and needs. 


Come and share our passion and begin what may be a life changing experience. Where will you begin your journey?

History and Formation...

Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School Principal Alistair Rumball had a long held dream of replicating the easy, informal and enjoyable sailing club scene he witnessed in France in the 1970s. This dream became a reality after 40 years when in late 2014 the decision was taken to form the Club.


The Irish National Sailing Club name has appeared around the Dun Laoghaire waterfront over the years as the trading name of Alistair's sailing school's adult course section. Graduates would continue to sail with the school in a safe, relaxed environment with school supports alongside, which was known as club sailing. The separation of the Club from the school serves to allow club sailors to become members, with ownership and a say in the direction of their club, while keeping what was good about the relationship with the school.


To accomplish this vision, Alistair set about finding like-minded individuals (namely that sailing should be just that - sailing, without all the extra fuss). His son Kenneth had recently taken over the running of the Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School and was brought on board along with senior instructors Glyn Williams and Calum Paterson. Club sailors Joan Sheffield and Robin Jones came onboard, representing Dinghy and Keelboat sailors. Finally Andy Boyle, a well known dinghy and yacht racer from Dun Laoghaire came onboard, and with that a committee was formed.

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