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Own Boat Storage

The Club has been very kindly permitted by DLRCoCo Harbour Office to use a small dedicated area in the Harbour Yard for storage of members' own sailboats.  

More Information on boat storage is available here:

Book your winter storage now

Please read our terms & conditions here before you book:

-Payment must be made by October 19th, 2022.
-Boats must be removed at the end of the storage period promptly - any boats remaining after the end of this storage period will be removed from the boatyard with no liability attaching to the Irish National Sailing Club, its members, agents or others acting on the club's behalf.
-No liability is attached to the club for any damage or loss arising from storage or use of the storage space.
-Boat owners must be fully subscribed members of the Irish National Sailing Club for the full period of storage.
-Boats must be left in designated spaces assigned by the Irish National Sailing Club.
-Boat trollies must be fully functional and be capable of being moved by one person. Wheels must be inflated and secured to trailers (in such a manner that they do not fall off when being moved).
-Road trailers are not permitted.
-Non adherence to the above rules may result in the boat being removed from the Irish National Sailing Club section.
-Fees are non-refundable in all circumstances.

The relevant fee must be paid to the INSC who will forward to DLRCC Harbour Office. A sticker will then be issued to INSC members. This sticker only covers parking within the INSC area.


Space in the INSC area itself is limited and preference is given to small boats e.g. Lasers.  The Harbour Office also provides key fobs for the sliding gate on payment to them of a deposit, currently €20.

Image by Tom Fejér
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