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INSC news, events and how to book sailing sessions

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new INSC website. Developed, built and maintained by club members for club members in collaboration with the school.

Our new INSC website

Here you will be able to read news about up and coming events, book your sailing sessions and book on to events and pay for almost everything. All you need for full access is a club membership, which you can also get here. So have a look around and see what you think.

Currently, we have started teaching and so will get some new blood into the club soon. We can look forward to making new members welcome and helping them at the beginning of their sailing journey.

Piloting improver clinics

With respect to the 1720s we are currently piloting improver clinics. These are more intense training based sessions for people who want more coaching based sailing. Currently, one boat of the two 1720s will be available for these sessions, on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons and we will see if people have an interest.

Speed up your sailing development with the Squibs

At the moment we have low numbers of people using the Squibs, which is a great shame, as it's a boat that taught me loads. I am guessing that this may be because people are unsure about how to set up and sail the boat. The safety boat guys will be more than happy to show you how to set the boat, it's very easy and they will also give a tow off and onto the moorings if required. They are very forgiving boats and great fun to sail. Most importantly if you sail different types of boats, you will improve your sailing senses. Increasing your wind awareness and understanding of the feedback that boats give you. It's a great way to speed up your sailing development, so give them a go.

In dinghy news club sailors have an increased choice of dinghies to choose from this summer, with the addition of two new single-handed RS Nero's, five RS Zests, Lasers and a double-handed Quest to the clubs fleet of dinghies. This is in addition to the existing club dinghy fleet of Zests, Lasers and Quests. Why not try them all?

Dinghy improver sessions

Throughout the Summer the club dinghies will also be running dinghy improver sessions with some informal and fun racing and with some race training. Specific dinghy coaching sessions may be organised later in the Summer/Autumn. Improver training will focus on the core dinghy sailing skills and the five essentials, on upwind, reaching and downwind points of sail.

Social after-sailing get-togethers

After the last few years, we are also starting the social after-sailing get-togethers. Sometimes in the school and sometimes in a local tavern, weather dependent. Over the summer we will have a bit of racing, the Dalkey island BBQ and a few other events to get excited about.

The club and school would like to give a huge thank you to Mark who researched and built the website, Julie and Audrey who will be maintaining the site moving forward and Dana who will be managing things from the school's side. Most importantly remember it's YOUR club and YOU make it special by how involved you choose to be. As Mark, Julie and Audrey have shown us. Be it making the tea, helping with events, helping each other with our sailing, or even building the club website. There's always a salty sea dog who will show us where the kettle is or help with raising the mainsail.

Wishing you all the best that sailing has to offer, fair winds and fun -

Member of the Irish National Sailing Club.


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