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New year, new opportunities!

The new year is with us, and this year we are welcoming the new fleet of J-80 keelboats in the club, which arrived at the end of last week! These boats are replacing the 1720s which served us all very well in the last 16 years, and are very similar to the ones we know and love, major differences being jib winches and a small storage cabin on each.

A preview from sailor's perspective -

The club committee got together last Saturday to discuss plans for 2023, and a handful of new ideas for implementation. There is a number of new things coming this year to help develop sailor's careers and enjoy time on the water through a variety of organised activities. We will be also tightening up on structuring existing offering based on learnings from 2022 - stay tuned for more news over the coming months and give us a shout if you'd like to contribute!

The weather sadly hasn't been favourable so far this month, but we can't wait to see everyone down for the first club sail of 2023!



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