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Bringing guests and children sailing

Bringing children or non-members as guests


Children are in general very welcome at the sailing school. The INSS offers sailing courses for children on weekends and camps during the Easter, summer and mid-term holidays. You can find more information at 


If you would like to bring a guest - adult or child - on the J80 or a dinghy, please be aware of the following guidelines: 

  • Children can only attend if the wind forecast is less than 20 knots for the duration of the sail

  • Children and guests need to be booked under the member’s account as a guest sailor at the cost of one voucher


If you would like to bring a child as a guest on the J80, please be aware of the following guidelines: 

  • A child can only be added as a guest when you book a ‘Family Sail’ on the website

  • The child has to be at least 1,20m in height

  • There is a maximum of one child per boat

  • Each child can join the J80 sailing cruises not more than once a month (to keep enough availability for the club members themselves)

  • Children have to follow the skipper’s instructions and the skipper can make the final decision on the day and has the right to refuse the child on the boat again within the next 6 months if he/she thinks the child is not safe on the boat.


If you would like to bring a child, or non-member adult, as a guest on a dinghy, please be aware of the following guidelines: 


  • The adult who sails with the child will have completed an RYA level 2 or equivalent course

  • You will have to book a double-handed boat when sailing with a guest child

  • Also adult guests can sail in the double-handed if they have not completed the required level 2 course to sail on their own with another adult who has completed a level 2 course


This is to be considered a taster session for children and other guests and not a regular activity. Once the children or adult guests had a great day on the boat, it’s recommended to speak to the school about taking one of our many sailing courses, which are available for adults and children. 

You need to be a club member to participate. Joining is easy and all are welcome, see Joining the Club for details.

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