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Get on the Water

Sailing with the club takes two easy steps:

  1. Purchase a Membership, this can be done below.

  2. Book your first sail on our Sailing & Events page. During the booking process you can purchase one or more sailing vouchers.

Joining the Club

Our ethos is 'pay small, play big, enjoy sailing' so the Irish National Sailing Club's annual membership fee is €40 (or €10 for under 25s, and those living overseas).

Your membership gives you access to Irish National Sailing Club events, both off and on the water. These include sailing sessions, regattas, workshops, talks, and nights out to name but a few. You will also have a say in the clubs direction, and how you would like to enjoy your sailing.

Sailing Vouchers

Members pay per sail, using our voucher system. Vouchers range from €40 for one sailing session, to €240 for eight sailing sessions. Vouchers can be purchased during the booking process, or on the Purchase Voucher page (you will need an active Membership to access this page).

Membership Requirements

The Irish National Sailing Club is open to everyone! No proposal or seconding is required, all you need is to have completed a sailing course. The Level 2 course for Yacht/Keelboat and Dinghy Sailors will be sufficient to join the club. 


To get started, select a Club Membership option below.

  • Club Membership

    Aged 25+
    Valid for one year
  • Club Membership (S)

    Aged 18 to 24, or living overseas
    Valid for one year

Membership Fees

Our annual INSC membership fees cover the small amount of overheads the club has, such as Irish Sailing Association affiliation.


Please note that the INSC does not yet accept junior members, therefore only those aged 18 and over are eligible to join.

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